Data Center Cooling

FloVENT is a Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) code that is used to simulate and optimize the cooling performance of Data Centers and Telecom Switch Rooms.

Data Center CFD Typical uses include:

  • Identify hotspots and investigate remedial actions
  • Efficiency of hot- and cold aisle containment
  • Pod performance evaluation
  • Optimize rack design and server placement
  • Investigate underfloor air distribution
  • Locate areas of recircualtion and short-circuiting
  • Critical equipment placement
  • Investigate effect of CRAC failure
  • Spot-cooling efficiency
  • In-row cooler efficiency
  • Create a virtual Data Center




"FloVENT CFD software allows us to obtain detailed airflow and heat transfer information which we use to design server rack configurations. FlowSim provides professional user support and has a good understanding of FloVENT and its application in the Data Center industry." Shane Flint - Server Racks Australia


"I have successfully used FloVENT to simulate a medium sized operational Data Center and have received good user support whenever required." Babak Fakhim - University of Sydney


"FloVENT software is ideal for HVAC applications. It is easy to construct the building geometry, and various flow devices. The solver is very robust and gives reliable and accurate results" Colin Allison - Simultude

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